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7th Australasian Soilborne Diseases Symposium

The first Australasian Soilborne Diseases Symposium was held on the Gold Coast in 1999, and was followed by successful meetings at Lorne, the Barossa Valley, Christchurch, Thredbo and Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The seventh symposium will be held at another enticing venue in Fremantle on the Indian Ocean coast at the mouth of the Swan River. The symposium session will be presented over two and a half days finishing with lunch on 20th September 2012.

Planning for the symposium is well advanced, and a stimulating and forward-looking program is being developed.  Keynote and invited papers will be presented on topics that are vital to improving soil health and reducing crop losses from soilborne diseases. There will be both poster and contributed paper sessions, so all those participating in the meeting will have the opportunity to present their research results and discuss them with other delegates.

The attractiveness of this meeting is its breadth.  It encourages interaction between people working in a wide range of fields, including fungal, bacterial and nematode pathogens; field crops and horticulture; microbial ecology and molecular biology; chemical and biological control; and integrated pest and disease management.

This is a conference that should not be missed, so register now and join us in Fremantle during 17 - 20 September 2012.


Proposed symposium and social and field excursion program

Monday 17th September  Welcome reception Western Australian Maritime Museum, Fremantle
Tuesday 18th September

Session 1 Keynote address -
Dr Robin Oliver
"Chemical control and fate of soil applied chemicals"
Session 2 Bayer Crop Protection Session Invited address (Susan Cross) & offered papers on Keynote theme

Session 3 Offered papers (theme to be determined)

Session 4 Offered papers (theme to be determined)

Informal small group dinner

Maya Indian Restaurant, 75-77 Market St, Fremantle
(Please add your name to the sign-up sheet at registration desk on Monday).
For more details and the menu click here

Wednesday 19th September

Session 5 Keynote address -
Dr Timothy Paulitz
“Biological suppression of fungal root disease”
Invited address - Dr Graham Stirling
"Biological suppression of Root lesion nematode"
Session 6 Invited & offered papers on Keynote theme

Session 7 Offered papers (theme to be determined)

Session 8 Offered papers (theme to be determined)
Conference dinner.
Char Char Bull, Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.
Thursday 20th SeptemberSession 9 Keynote address - Dr Sabine Ravnskov
“Beneficial interactions between plants and soil microbes”
Session 10 Invited & offered papers on Keynote theme
Invited address - Prof Lyn Abbott
"A local perspective on beneficial microflora - Mycorrhizal fungi
Invited address - Prof John Howieson "A local perspective on beneficial microflora - Rhizobacteria"
Including broad-acre crops, horticulture and native ecosystems
New Norcia - overnight accommodation
Friday 21st SeptemberFIELD EXCURSION. Including broad-acre crops, horticulture and native ecosystems. Evening return to Perth Airport and Perth city (Please note the likely time of return to Perth from the field excursion detailed under the "Field Excursion" tab.  Allow plenty of time to travel and and check in at domestic or international airport terminals) 
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